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Kinto er et japansk mærke af høj kvalitet. De lægger stor vægt på holdbarhed, funktionalitet og design af deres produkter.

Kinto tilbyder et bredt sortiment indenfor kopper, tekander og diverse tilbehør m.m.

UNITEA one touch teapot is a smart item perfect for daily use.

Featuring a lid with a strainer integrated into it, it can be used with any size of tea leaves and the lid does not drop off when you pour.

With minimal parts, it is easy to use and wash. The beautiful saucer made of stainless steel is great for serving tea to guests and it is a perfect size for placing a tea spoon or sugar beside the cup.

8335 UNITEA one touch teapot 460ml


8336 UNITEA one touch teapot 720ml

8336 a


A cute pot, is a combination of heat-resistant glass and cork. The plump shape of the teapot has a sense of hand crafting, and it adds a gentle atmosphere. When serving tea made with a tea bag, the cork lid holds the tea bag string tightly, so the teabag won’t sink. There are two sizes, which suit multiple purposes, such as serving tea, milk, vinegar, or flavored oil.

Model 25728 Plump pot 450ml

 25728 l

RIDGE color teabag teapot 

The colorful teapots designed for tea bag brewing are the new addition to the lineup. The lid won’t fall off when the pot is tipped, and the wide handle has an easy-to-grip shape. The slender body occupies only a small space on your table and in the cupboard. It’s a perfect match for serving tea in busy cafes, restaurants, and even at home.

Model 23575 yellow

 23575 l.jpg
Model 23576 green  23576 l.jpg
 Model 23577 brown  23577 l


TOPO teapot

Teaware series with a winsome form as if small animals were popping out of the ground. The series is characterized by its stubby thickness and asymmetry design with gentle curves. The specific method of molding was adopted to make seamless teapots and cups. Enjoy the different impressions of glaze with a deep shading, unique to each item.

φ55 x H100 x W155 mm / 400 ml

23581 white
23582 yellow
23583 blue
23584 greyt



This is a teapot based on the concept of ergonomics. The handle is designed to be held at an angle, which reduces wrist stress for easy pouring. The lid won’t fall off when the pot is tipped, and stays in place even when the strainer is removed. The strainer is made of durable stainless steel and can strain small, broken leaves, or can be removed to brew tea bags.

27431 - 450ml white with filter
27432 - 450ml white
27433 - 450ml orange with filter
27434 - 450ml orange
27435 - 450ml black with filter
27436 - 450ml black

27437 - 750ml white with filter
27438 - 750ml white
27439 - 750ml orange with filter
27440 - 750ml orange
27441 - 750ml black with filter
27442 - 750ml black

27441 l



The combination of stainless steel and glass is designed to glitter just like a jewel. The roomy teapot is inspired by a cut diamond. The teapot has a durable stainless steel strainer and is perfect for any kinds of tea leaves. The lid is combined two materials, stainless steel and plastic, and has a space for the air to buffer the heat of boiled water.

nr. 21680 - 600 ml.
nr. 21681 - 850 ml.


One Touch teapot

This is a strainer less teapot which can brew up tea simply and flavorfully. The mesh part of the lid strains the tea leaves, so it’s needless to set the tea strainer on the pot. The round shape of the glass pot assists tea leaves movement. The lid fits tightly so it won’t drop off, and the large grip is handy to serve. Also, cleaning the units is simple as well. Select the suitable size according to the number of your tea mates.

8684 – steel 450 ml
8687 – steel 620 ml




BRIM is the series of porcelain teapots and mugs for aromatic tea. To enable you to enjoy rich aroma for a relaxing teatime, the strainer is designed in a larger size so tea leaves can move and open widely inside it. The rim of mug has the perfect angle for drinking and the handle is wide enough to provide a good grip. The mug is also designed to be stackable. Use both the mug and the teapot when entertaining teatime guests.

nr. 22385 - 450 ml. hvid
nr. 22387 - 450 ml. grå
nr. 22388 - 750 ml. hvid
nr. 22890 - 750 ml. grå

brim h6



UNITEA is composed of various units made of 3 different materials—heat-resistant glass, stainless steel and plastic—and it is applicable for any types of tea and table scenes. The plastic units have been replaced by a new material that is highly transparent and durable. For all ages, genders and nationalities, UNITEA is a long-standing favorite.


Unitea teapot with stainless steel filter.

Model nr. 8309 - 720 ml.
Model nr. 8308 - 500 ml.



Unitea tea pot with plastic filter.

Model nr. 22910 - 720 ml.
Model nr. 22909 - 500 ml.


Unitea teapot with glass filter.

Model no. 8364 - 720 ml
Model no. 8363 - 500 ml