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Kinto er et japansk mærke af høj kvalitet. De lægger stor vægt på holdbarhed, funktionalitet og design af deres produkter.

Kinto tilbyder et bredt sortiment indenfor kopper, tekander og diverse tilbehør m.m.



Stacking mug

Matte glaze and smooth clay texture combine perfectly together in this series. Mugs with a gray clay base and dark colored glaze give a warm presence, while mug with a white clay base and white glaze brings a clean impression. The sturdy bodies and stackability make them ideal for daily use.

Model:27657 SCS stacking mug white

Model:27658 SCS stacking mug orange

Model:27659 SCS stacking mug gray

Model:27660 SCS stacking mug navy

 scs stacking mugs

series with a sturdy form and a rugged look exert a strong presence. The metal-like texture has a bold appearance yet gives a sense of warmth when used. The roundness of the mug’s rim and the handle that comfortably fits your fingers make drinking a pleasant experience.

SCS-S01 mug 220ml
ø75 x H75 x W110 mm / 220 ml
Model: 27525 beige
Model: 27527 black

SCS-S01 mug 330ml
ø80 x H95 x W115 mm / 330 ml
Model: 27529 beige
Model: 27527 black

 scs s01 16aw i 004

Slow coffee style mug

Gentle and organic form characterize these mugs. On the illustrated mugs there are heartwarming messages that will relax you. The slight variations in the shades of glaze and print create unique and profound expressions of each mug.

Slow Coffee Style mug
φ80 x H90 x W105 mm / 250 ml
27635 white
27636 gray
27637 brown
27638 navy

Slow Coffee Style mug
φ90 x H100 x W115 mm / 400 ml
27639 white
27640 gray
27641 brown
27642 navy


scs 14aw i 0151


27645 SCS mug 250ml bird

27646 SCS mug 250ml bicycle

27647 SCS mug 250ml cloud

27648 SCS mug 250ml book

Fælles billede mug


These double-wall cups made of heat-resistant glass make drinks look like they are floating in the air. The inner wall of the cup has an ideal angle for drinking, and the insulated construction maintains the temperature of hot and cold drinks for a long time. No condensation is formed, so your table will not get wet. The round form of the cups provides stability, while the ring supports your fingers for easy gripping.

These cups can also be used for serving desserts or appetizers.

23104 - φ55 x H70 x W65 mm / 80 ml
23105 - φ85 x H65 x W95 mm / 200 ml
23106 - φ75 x H120 x W90 mm / 350 ml

23107 - ø70 x H100 x W85 mm / 250 ml


Unimug small clear

Ø78 x H90 x W122 mm/350 ml
Model 22911

Unimug medium clear

Ø78 x H110 x W125 mm/450 ml
Model 22912


Unimug large clear

Ø78 x H130 x W125 mm/510 ml
Model 22913


RIDGE color cup & saucer
[cup]φ100 x H50 x W125 mm / 220 ml. [saucer]φ145 x H15 mm

23568 gul
23569 grøn
23570 brun


RIDGE color mug
φ85 x H105 x W115 mm / 330 ml

23571 yellow
23572 green
23573 brown


Mugtail goat
200 ml.

Model: 22790


Mugtail musk ox
470 ml.

Model: 22793


Mugtail dog
270 ml.

Model: 22785

22785 t 001 S

Mugtail owl
330 ml.

Model: 22786

22786 t 001 S

Mugtail reindeer
330 ml.

Mode:l 22787

22787 t 001 s

Mugtail sheep
240 ml.

Mode:l 22788

22788 t 001 S

Mugtail hedgehog
130 ml.

Model: 22771


Mugtail fox
280 ml.

Model: 22773

mugtail foxr

Mugtail bear
460 ml.

Model: 22773:

mugtail bearr

Mugtail moose
530 ml.

Mode:l 22774

mugtail mooser

Mugtail squirrel
150 ml.

Model: 16239

mugtail 1-h1

Mugtail rabbit
280 ml.

Model: 16240

mugtail 1-h2

Mugtail fawn
330 ml.

Model: 16241

mugtail 1-h3

Mugtail cat
270 ml.

Model: 16242

mugtail 1-h4