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Kinto er et japansk mærke af høj kvalitet. De lægger stor vægt på holdbarhed, funktionalitet og design af deres produkter.

Kinto tilbyder et bredt sortiment indenfor kopper, tekander og diverse tilbehør m.m.



Ceramic Lab CLK – Local materials and techniques have been created and cultivated over centuries by potters in various regions of Japan, CERAMIC LAB, is a collection of ceramics created with passion to deliver the artisanship of the Japanese potters.
Porcelain/microwave and dishwasher safe.

The series of mugs have a humble yet dignified presence. The rough texture of the clay peeks out at the bottom under the calm color glazing, and the edges of the mug give a sharp impression reminiscent of quarried stone. The handle is designed to fit your fingers comfortable and its shape reminds you of the softness of the material

29513 CLK-151 small mug white
29514 CLK-151 small mug beige
29515 CLK-151 small mug brown
29516 CLK-151 small mug black

29517 CLK-151 large mug white
29518 CLK-151 large mug beige
29519 CLK-151 large mug brown
29520 CLK-151 large mug black

29521 CLK-151 tall mug white
29522 CLK-151 tall mug beige
29523 CLK-151 tall mug brown
29524 CLK-151 tall mug black

29525 CLK-151 wide mug white
29526 CLK-151 wide mug beige
29527 CLK-151 wide mug brown
29528 CLK-151 wide mug black

29529 CLK-151 bowl white
29530 CLK-151 bowl beige
29531 CLK-151 bowl brown
29532 CLK-151 bowl black

29533 CLK-151 plate 160mm white
29534 CLK-151 plate 160mm beige
29535 CLK-151 plate 160mm brown
29536 CLK-151 plate 160mm black

29537 CLK-151 plate 200mm white
29538 CLK-151 plate 200mm beige
29539 CLK-151 plate 200mm brown
29540 CLK-151 plate 200mm black

 clk-151 15aw i 001

29541 CLK-151 plate 250mm white
29542 CLK-151 plate 250mm beige
29543 CLK-151 plate 250mm brown
29544 CLK-151 plate 250mm black

29545 CLK-151 deep plates white
29546 CLK-151 deep plates beige
29547 CLK-151 deep plates brown
29548 CLK-151 deep plates black

 clk151 16aw i 007

The tableware series emphasizes usability and design with a stable form, a sturdy thickness, and a moderate weight. The unglazed edge of the rim makes the expression of the product sharp and lets you experience the original texture of the material. This series offers selected items in basic colors for frequent use

29501 CLK-152 mug white
29502 CLK-152 mug black

29503 CLK-152 bowl white
29504 CLK-152 bowl black

29505 CLK-152 plate white
29506 CLK-152 plate black

29507 CLK-152 pasta plate white
29508 CLK-152 pasta plate black

 clk-152 15aw 001


A set of porcelain bowls and lids in three sizes for daily serving and storage. The lids can also be used as plates. The simple shapes of the bowls and plates are beautiful – even when they are used as individual pieces. In addition to the standard design, the functions of storage and stackability encourage you to use them regularly in your daily life

29571 CLK-153 bowl w. lid f90 deep earth gray                       
29572 CLK-153 bowl w. lid f90 deep black    

29573 CLK-153 bowl w. lid f160 shallow earth                           
29574 CLK-153 bowl w. lid f160 shallow black

29575 CLK-153 bowl w. lid f160 deep earth gray
29576 CLK-153 bowl w. lid f160 deep black 

 clk-153 15aw i 001