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Kinto er et japansk mærke af høj kvalitet. De lægger stor vægt på holdbarhed, funktionalitet og design af deres produkter.

Kinto tilbyder et bredt sortiment indenfor kopper, tekander og diverse tilbehør m.m.

Slow Coffee Style

Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee. The series ‘Slow Coffee Style’ was born to bring you the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with the relaxed passage of time.


Pour over kettle

Every element of the POUR OVER KETTLE is designed to make the user’s experience stress-free and pleasurable, including the spout for precise pour control, hinged lid for fluid movement, and comfortably fitting handle for smooth pouring until the very last drip. With a rich texture and poised form, its presence is understated yet captivating in any space.

26801 mirror


Pour over kettle
26802 matt


Pour over kettle
26805 black


Brewer stand with a dignified look combines wood in deep colored walnut and brass that will age beautiful. The wooden base resists coffee stains due to the coating. Use the know to adjust the height of the stand and brew into any mug or server. The brewer stand set is perfect for home as well for gifts.

SCS-S02 Brewer stand set 4 cups

Model: 27591


SCS-S02 coffee server 600ml

Model: 27592


SCS-S01 brewer 2cups black

Model: 27521



SCS-S01 brewer 4cups black



Coffee carafe set

The carafe set offers two choices of brewing coffee either by stainless steel filter or paper filter with plastic brewer. The stainless steel filter leaves coffee oil so the filtered coffee has rich aroma, and the paper filtered coffee makes a round and clear taste of coffee. After dripping, you can place the used filter on the holder which comes as a set. All parts are stackable to save the space.

SCS-04-CC coffee carafe set
Model: 27621

SCS-02-CC coffee carafe set
Model: 27620


SCS-02-CC-PL coffee carafe set 300ml plastic
Model: 27643

27643 l
SCS-04-CC coffee carafe set
600ml plastic
Model: 27644
27644 l

SCS-02-SF stainless filter
2cups, φ100 x H75 mm

Model: 27624 


SCS-04-SF stainless filter
4cups, φ120 x H95 mm

Model: 27625



The porcelain brewer is expressive as the glaze gives the shading. The cotton paper filter fits to the brewer, and it can be placed on the glass server for making coffee. The stainless steel filter can be selected as well, instead of the paper filter. The dot on the server indicates the amount of dripped coffee —either 300 ml for 2 cups or 600 ml for 4 cups. The simple kettle with the thin spout makes it easy to control the speed and the amount of water.

Model: 27629 - SCS-02-BR brewer 2cups white

Model: 27630 - SCS-02-BR brewer 2cups gray

Model: 27631 - SCS-04-BR brewer 4cups white

Model: 27632 - SCS-04-BR brewer 4cups gray



SCS-02-CS coffee server

The coffee server may be used with porcelain brewer. 300ml

Model: 27622


SCS-04-CS coffee server


Model: 27623


SCS cotton paper filter

Model: 27633 - SCS-02-CP-60 cotton paper filter 2cups

Model: 27634 - SCS-04-CP-60 cotton paper filter 4cups


Water kettle in stainless steel.


The kettles may be used for pouring water over slow coffee style.

The kettle has a swan neck that gives you full control over the water flow.


Model: 27628 - SCS kettle 900ml


Model: 27627 SCS-04-HD holder 4cups

Model: 27626 SCS-02-HD holder 2cups


SCS coffee canister

The porcelain canister can hold about 200g of coffee beans, blocks sunlight to keep contents flavorful and fresh

Model: 27668 white
Model: 27669 brown


SCS paper filter stand

The filter stand made of porcelain can hold around 60 pieces of conical and trapezoidal shaped filter filters.

Model: 27670 white
Model: 27671 brown


SCS coffee measuring spoon

The measuring spoon measures 10g of beans in one full scoop.

Model: 27672



A bottle-shaped canister that is composed of glass and cork. The cork top provides an airtightness, ideal for the storage of dried foods. Three sizes give you the choice of usage: 600 ml for coffee beans or granola, 300 ml for loose leaf tea or nuts, and 150 ml for spices and herbs. BOTTLIT is easy to grip with one hand, and the contents come out easily by tipping the bottle. The clear glass colored by the contents gives an accent to your room.

Model: 27680 Bottlit canister 150ml

Model: 27681 Bottlit canister 300ml

Model: 27682 Bottlit canister 600ml

bottlit i 0021


The sharp design brings out the beauty of material themselves. The glass coffee dripper comes with a sustainable stainless steel filter that brews aromatic coffee. By eliminating the paper filter, more coffee oil—which is the source of the richness of coffee—can be extracted to allow you to enjoy the authentic aroma of coffee. There are two white dots on the pot, and they are the reference for 300 ml and 600 ml of dripped coffee.

21678 Carat coffee dripper & pot – kanden 600ml

 kinto carat i coffee 001 dots



Faro double wall cup set

16283 white
16284 brown
16285 blue