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Kinto er et japansk mærke af høj kvalitet. De lægger stor vægt på holdbarhed, funktionalitet og design af deres produkter.

Kinto tilbyder et bredt sortiment indenfor kopper, tekander og diverse tilbehør m.m.


This is an effortlessly refined and versatile series of glass tumblers which can be used and enjoyed everyday, as its name indicates. ‘Hibi’, pronounced ‘hee-bee’ in Japanese, has multiple meanings rooted in everyday life. The thickness of the glass and the stable form are ideal for frequent use. The slightly narrowing base naturally fits your fingers and is comfortable to grip. They can be stacked for compact storage.

HIBI tumbler 220ml
■ clear 26870
■ blue 26871
■ green 26872
■ brown 26873
■ purple 26874

HIBI tumbler 350ml
■ clear 26875
■ blue 26876
■ green 26877
■ brown 26878
■ purple 26879


 hibi ec 004

SCHALE glass case
100x55mm,  φ100 x H55 mm / 300 ml
Model: 25761               

SCHALE glass case
100x85mm, φ100 x H85 mm / 500 ml
Model: 25762

SCHALE glass case
100x130mm, φ100 x H130 mm / 800 ml
Model: 25763
schale 15aw i 003


A bottle-shaped canister that is composed of glass and cork. The cork top provides an airtightness, ideal for the storage of dried foods. Three sizes give you the choice of usage: 600 ml for coffee beans or granola, 300 ml for loose leaf tea or nuts, and 150 ml for spices and herbs. BOTTLIT is easy to grip with one hand, and the contents come out easily by tipping the bottle. The clear glass colored by the contents gives an accent to your room.

Model: 27680 Bottlit canister 150ml

Model: 27681 Bottlit canister 300ml

Model: 27682 Bottlit canister 600ml

Model: 27683 Bottlit carafe

bottlit i 0021



A cute pot, is a combination of heat-resistant glass and cork. The plump shape of the teapot has a sense of hand crafting, and it adds a gentle atmosphere. When serving tea made with a tea bag, the cork lid holds the tea bag string tightly, so the teabag won’t sink. There are two sizes, which suit multiple purposes, such as serving tea, milk, vinegar, or flavored oil.

Model: 25728 Plump pot 450ml

Model: 25727 Plump pot 150ml

 25728 l


These drinking glasses are made of 50% recycled glass. Their gentle earth colors and undulate surfaces evoke a sense of time slowly passing. Due to the characteristics of the material, small air bubbles and roughness may occur in the glass. This is not a defect, so please enjoy the uniqueness of each glass.

Model: 44029 – 200 ml. klar
Model: 44030 – 200 ml. lilla
Model: 44031 – 200 ml. rav
Model: 44032 – 200 ml. grå

Model: 44033 – 300 ml. klar
Model: 44034 – 300 ml. lilla
Model: 44035  - 300 ml. rav
Model: 44036 – 300 ml. grå

Model: 44021 – 420 ml. klar
Model: 44022 – 420 ml. lilla
Model: 44023 – 420 ml. rav
Model: 44024 – 420 ml. grå

 dew h1



These double wall cups made of heat-resistant glass make drinks appear as if they are floating in the air. The thermal insulate construction maintains the temperature of hot and cold drinks for a long time. No condensation is formed, so your table won’t get wet. The round form of the cups provides stability, while the ring supports your fingers for easy gripping. The inner wall of the cup is designed with an angle that is ideal for drinking. These cups can also be used for serving dessert.

23104 - φ55 x H70 x W65 mm / 80 ml
23105 - φ85 x H65 x W95 mm / 200 ml
23106 - φ75 x H120 x W90 mm / 350 ml


KRONOS double wall cup coffee cup             
φ70 x H100 x W85 mm / 250 ml
Model: 23107


The simple and premeditated drinkware series designed for what you drink. The wide grips fit your hands easily to lift up, and the angles of cup-lips are calculated to fit your lips perfectly. The teapot enhances the presence of the CAST Drink series and is highly functional. The mesh strainer of the teapot is incorporated into the lid, enabling you to make tea easily without having to insert the strainer. The lid fits tightly due to the silicone ring and will not drop off when you pour. All cups are made of heat-resistant glass, which enables to enjoy the color of beverages and is suitable for any table scenes.

CAST beer glass
8432 φ86 x H120mm/430ml

CAST milk mug
8435 φ86 x H90 x W106mm/310ml
CAST cafe latte mug
8436 φ90 x H110 x W114mm/430ml
CAST water jug 0.75L
21676 φ90 x H168 x W142mm/750ml
CAST water jug 1.2L
21677 φ90 x H238 x W142mm/1.2L
CAST sauce pot 40ml
8491 φ26 x H60 x W78mm/40ml
8491 500
CAST sauce pot 80ml
8492 φ32 x H74 x W94mm/80ml
8492 500
CAST sauce pot 130ml
8493 φ36 x H90 x W110mm/130ml
8493 500


UNIMUG is a glass mug with plastic strainer and lid, whose material features high transparency and durability. It can brew a cup of tea easily in your office and at home. Collect a variety of colors to use for daily teatime with family and friends or as a nice gift.

Unimug small clear

Ø78 x H90 x W122 mm/350 ml
Model 22911


Unimug medium clear

Ø78 x H110 x W125 mm/450 ml
Model 22912


Unimug large clear

Ø78 x H130 x W125 mm/510 ml
Model 22913